let me introduce myself


I am a journalist by trade and have an insatiable appetite for writing feature stories on a whole host of lifestyle topics including food (of course), homewares, fashion, beauty, travel and DIY projects around the house.
It’s true what they say, if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.
When I was in my final year of university, I was posed with the question ‘feature writer or news reporter?’ In my holidays and weekends, I set out to obtain as much industry experience I could to make an educated decision of my career path.
For eight years I worked as a newspaper reporter and while I love the rush of covering the hard stuff, feature writing is in my blood – it’s what I come back to and where I seek comfort. And so sought a job as a features writer and landed a job with a gorgeous magazine and I feel like I’m home. I love digging for and earning someone’s story, finding out what makes them different and sometimes asking the questions only their closest friends would dare to.
Journalists are privileged, we document people’s lives, their accomplishments, their proudest moments. Our hard work is cut out with care and pasted into photo albums, hung on the fridge door beside photos of loved ones, folded and slipped into envelopes to post to family and friends, and shared on social media for all to see.
I grew up on the Sunshine Coast and have been lucky to remain on the Coast for much of my working life, basking in the beautiful lifestyle we have here – but not basking too much as I burn super easy!
I love the warmth that comes from the kitchen when there’s something baking in the oven. That delicious smell wafting through the house and out onto the street, enticing salivating neighbours to wish it was their house.
I wanted to start a food blog for years and photographed my most delicious creations in preparation, but life always got in the way.
It wasn’t until I started baking more and had such encouragement from friends and family to share this passion, that I decided to bite the cherry and do it.
So here it is, a collection of some of my favourite recipes that I’ve adapted and tried and tested, and some other goodies that needed no tweaking.
I also believe knowledge is power and so when I come across a great book (mostly likely a cookbook, let’s be honest) I’ll tell you about it.
I also love sharing some of my favourite pictures and quotes, so you’ll find those popping up in my pages too. Hopefully it will bring a little inspiration to your lives, or at least put a smile on your face.

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Nicole x


7 Replies to “let me introduce myself”

    1. Eek, I’m so bad at this! Realised I didn’t reply to this (I thought I had, but obviously I hadn’t!) Thank you SO much dailygluttony! xxx


    2. Okay, so now I know a bit more about this blogging business, I’m finally going to get around to doing this (I’ve also since changed my blog name, so I hope that’s okay) xx


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