the moment my mixmaster died…

For a while now, my Mixmaster has been on the way out, running much louder than it used to and shaking quite a bit. I think I rode it too hard, to be honest.
Anyway, I thought I’d share a funny (funny now it’s over) story with you all.
The other night I was making Christmas cupcakes (I’ll post pics up shortly) for a special order when I had my first meltdown moment in the kitchen.
All of the mixture was in the bowl and I turned the mixer on. The beaters were clipping each other, but not so bad that it wouldn’t work, so I persisted.
I think the beaters inside the mixer were bent from when I made bread dough (oops).
So because the beaters were bent towards each other, the mixture was creeping up the beaters and causing a right old mess.
Great, now I needed a new mixer and more ingredients.
I was going to borrow my mum’s Kitchenaid, but thought I’d just buy a hand-held mixer for the time being, I was already heading to the supermarket, so it would save time.
Again, I measured out the ingredients and started mixing. All was well until…the hand-held mixer stopped working.
I couldn’t believe it, the batter was soft, I guess that serves me right for buying a $12 hand-held mixer.
I kept mixing by hand – the cupcakes needed to be made.
While I tried my best to keep it together, I realised I still needed to make the frosting and had no mixer.
Luckily my husband offered to get my mum’s Kitchenaid, which turned out to be a lifesaver.
Frosting was made, cupcakes looked oh so pretty (even if I do say so myself) and I have fallen in love with the Kitchenaid – now to start saving $$$.

Rant over 🙂


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